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Prime Parallax is a powerful parallax mapping plugin which features 5 layer parallax, infinite fog layers and ultra fast dynamic fade character reflections.

Prime Parallax features 5 fully customization parallax layers.

You can define anything from offset positions, to tint and blend modes to achieve the exact look your going for.

This plugin includes the ability to create as many fog layers as you want. 

These layers include all of the same customization as the standard parallax layers and more including scrolling, tiling, and setting it to follow the screen or map.

This allows for powerful things such as creating moving water.

Prime Parallax features very fast dynamic faded reflections.

This is achieved by a custom sprite reflection renderer. This makes rendering tons of faded reflective sprites much faster then most standard methods like masking.

The reflections are also rendered with a fast filter for a nice blurring effect.

Check out the documentation (MZPlusPrimeParallaxHelp.pdf) that comes with the plugin.

Requires MZPlus


  • May be used in free and commercial games.
  • Credit is as Anisoft.
  • You may edit and patch the code. 
  • May not be redistributed.
  • May not take code and use in your own plugins  

Tilesets for the pool are courtesy of Kauzz.

If your ever curious where to find me, you can find me here.
Lunatic Discord
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Tagsdynamic, fog, layered, mapping, mz, parallax, reflections, RPG Maker


Buy Now$15.00 USD or more

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Development log


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Doesn't work with the tile sizes RMMZ introduced into its own engine a while back. This plugin needs to stay at tile size 48 or won't place the maps properly.

 I'm using tile size 16 within the RMMZ engine, but I've had to use other tile size adjustment plugins to force Prime Parallax to work. This causes conflicts with other plugins. 

I bought plugin and does not work with ABS Z battle system unfortunately! :(((

I made a review of the plugin's operation with a detailed description of the functions. However, the video is in Russian. But you can try to translate subtitles automatically.

Wow I'm flattered! Really great and indepth video! I'm surprised to see people still actively using this plugin to this day and it brings me to shame that I've yet to update it. 

I really appreciate the time and effort you put in to this!

I get a lot of questions about how to buy a plugin. But sanctions and an unstable world. Maybe you will open a page with your plugins here - https://boosty.to/ Of course there is a referral program, but it's just a direct link. This is a good reliable stable site, and the percentage is less than on patreon.

Please update it! :) The plugin is too good to let it die.

Reflection enable = false yet when character reaches the edge of the map reflection can be clearly seen.
By the way when can we expect an update, I really need those animated layers. Or is it okay if I modify your plugin on my own to add animated layers?


Strange as setting reflections enabled to false should remove the reflections.

This plugin hasn't been updated with the latest version of MZ yet, so its possible a lot of bugs exist that I'm not aware of. This plugin was tested and made for the original version so if the developers changed anything I've yet adapted the plugin.

If you want to modify the plugin feel free to! I have finished animated layers (as well as other features like infinite reflection layers) but I just never got around to finishing some of the features and was never sure if I should just incrementally update the plugin with smaller stuff or do everything in one larger patch.  

I also don't work with rpgmaker anymore so jumping back into its code can often be a huge undertaking. 

I do really want to update it, just finding the time is the difficult part. 


I feel like incremental updates would also make debugging with the help of users easier since there will be less things that can break at the same time and there is a lower possibility of something happening that would require rewrite of some of your older code.


Then I'll make sure to post an update this week! It'll be small... likely only animated parallaxes. I hope that's okay. 

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No worries I've already added animated layers myself, albeit ina a bit crude way since I didn't want to spend too much time reading through the code.

Hello. Am I missing something? I think I've done all there is ( watched the tutorial, read the pdf, studied the demo, even looked through the comments! ) but I keep getting this error:


Cannot set property 'imageFolder' of undefined

I saw one of the comments said we have to have ZERO tilesets in the game file, but I would like to avoid that if possible. 

This plugin seems amazing and I would like to make use of it now that I've bought it, so any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance ;w; )/


What version of MZ are you using?

Thank you for getting back to me! ^v^)/

I use the latest version, so v1.5.0. Is the plugin not yet compatible with this version? 


I'd have to check, give me a bit of time to look and I'll see. It's possible something changed!

Okie dokie~ Take your time! Thanks again ^v^)/


I'll be giving it a look this week. I'll also be looking into finally pushing out an update. Its been too long!

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The game is not showing my map image, I have enabled folders and made my folders the same as the example file. The map name is groundMap_1 and it is located in the groundMap folder.

When looking at the included example rpgmaker file I changed the starting map to my custom image the starting map is listed as “groundMap_9” and the image was then set to my custom map.

I read the pdf and watched the tutorial but the tutorials do not explain how to use the plugin they seem to showcase the features, any chance you could post a step by step for creating a new map? Thanks!

Im such a noob.. I figured out you have to make an event and set the image file manually. Everything is good now xD


Hello, it is nearly a year since the last update. Is it still being worked on?

Btw i really like the plugin.

Agh sorry, its been a really messy and complicated year +. 

Long story short, I was working on (and nearly completed) a new update. Life just happened to get in the way and I'm having trouble knowing how to release this new update without effecting others.

The new update featured Animated Parallax for example, mirror reflections,  as well as Infinite Reflections.

The issue I'm having is how to release this. I don't know if I should release a smaller patch that gives everyone the Animated Parallax and other smaller changes, and then release a larger patch with the Infinite Reflections, since those require a slightly newer workflow.

Hello. Not a bad plugin, but does not work in a mobile browser.

Здравствуйте. Неплохой плагин, но в мобильном браузере не работает.

It really lacks the option to change just the opacity of fog layers without the need of redefining the whole layer.

I'm sorry what exactly do you mean?

When you use a fog layer and want to change its opacity without the need to reference the image again, just the layer id.

Let me see what I can do.

Hello Anisoft, I was wondering if there was a way to see your parallax maps in the editor? as i can't find a way to do that if u can.

No there isn't a way built in. The standard way you'd do this for parallax maps is by exporting a version of your parallax maps all together and use that as a parallax in the map settings.

That sucks.. I have been struggling with making my own maps in RPG maker.  i tried making a tile set 1st it was too hard so now im using a parallax method.

Awww I'm sorry to hear that, there are workflows people use to make that a little easier I think.

well thank u anyways


Hi! I've been playing with this plugin. It's wonderful. However I know found a problem with it. When a game is played from a cellphone on web some black stripes appear all over the area

oh sorry I didn't see this till now. I haven't tested it with mobile, but its possible its a pixiv5 issue. Ill need to find away to test


I want to know if there are any known issues related to deployment, i'm planning on web gaming deploy this and im currently experiencing problems with another parallax mapping plugin. 

There shouldn't be but I'll give it a test and let you know. A new update is on the way too.

thank you for your quick reply. i just bought it and took my chances. i need to go on with my project and im stuck if i cant parallax map and deploy on web

i tested your plugin on a site, it seems to be working :) now ill have to learn how to do everything


there is a small bug related to skip intro with the mz plus plugin. you can't have test battles in the database if the switch is on

Ooh thanks for pointing that out...I'll take a look!

I cant seem to get  it to work. do you have a tutorial or any way to get help. nothing I do works.

Sorry? Get what to work? The entire plugin?

(1 edit)

none of the maps i put in work. i even tried using them inside the example and copying the exact way the examples used but nothing works

It's hard to know how to help you without more information.

If you were asking for a tutorial, a wonderful youtuber and friend echo607 made a tutorial covering it.

i was able to get it to work using events but couldn't with auto

Is there a way to set the bush depth? I'm using larger sprites.

Is there a way by default for bush depth to work on larger sprites? I don't remember if that's native to MZ.

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Hello, I wanted to ask if this plugin could do simple animated parallaxes and separate layers by regions and/or terrain tags. (with a scrolling effect)

Yea I had a lot of stuff like this planned but this year has been really bad for me.


Well, if you do get it updated to do this please let me know. Thanks...

Hey the plugin so good! any chance you would convert it for MV?

Unfortunately I have no plans to as of this time. 


Heya! This plugin looks fantastic! Does it come with the water/fire/fog images shown in the pictures? If not, where could I find those? The water looks incredible

(1 edit)

Thanks! An example project is available in the downloads, it contains images and examples on how to pull off these effects.

Come to think of it, I should prob update the example project to a newer version.

Amazing plugin! I'm new to parallax mapping but really enjoying it so far.
Super basic question because I'm unfamiliar with the general methods but I was wondering if your documentation could include a little more basic info on what sort of images need to be set up for the different layers?
I have lights, shadows and fog working but I can't get reflections to show up on my tiles. The reflections are on because I can see them when I walk over an empty tile, but I'm clearly missing something about where to layer them or something.
Anyway thanks for the great work!


Reflections show up above the reflection parallax layer. To get then to appear for other layers they need to have that region transparent so not to over it up. 

This is a good point to possibly mention that in the docs, I'll have to check it again and see if I can make it more obvious. Your not the only one with this issue.

(1 edit)

to the Mirror topic: 
is the option there? Will be one of the reason to buy it i need a plugin for reflections (water) and mirroring into a mirror.

Not yet, but its something I'm looking into. The problem with mirrors is that it can be a bit difficult to get right as would require some work on the user side to get right.

This is because the mirror needs to be able to be ordered behind the player. And the reflection also needs to be a flipped direction version of the player, and ordered below too. 

This is trivial if you design mirrors to be rendered always below a character, but you can't for example have a mirror be both allowed in front and behind the player. (I mean you could also do that but it'd require toggling on/off z depth values)

(1 edit)

U can do it by region Id. Based on this u can once make a mirror or reflection 

Yea I think controller the data per region ID (such as rotation) would be the best direction

This feature has been completed and will be included in the next larger update.



Looks awsome! Would it be possible to create an effect like this? Where tall objects are above lower layers of fog?

So this sorta effect is achieved by layering many layers of fog. 

One issue you may run into is allow the fog layers to render between tilemap sprites. I'll have to look into if its possible already.

Heya Ani!
I saw that you were looking into doing a big update and was wondering if that had a timeline or expected release! I'm super excited to see what you do with it since I saw that you were looking to include some animation parallaxing.

I am also just double checking before I purchase but when changing parallaxes is there a way to "ease" or change them gradually rather than suddenly? ie. if I wanted to change the day light layer to a night light layer it would fade into it. Or is this only achievable by using fog layers as normal layers and manually lowering the opacity bit by bit?


Heya sorry for delayed reply. NO ETA yet on the patch but I hope to do it this month. I've been pretty busy lately trying to finish a game of mine and before that I was having computer issues.

Easing parallaxes huh.. hmmm I swear I had the ability to bind variables to properties. That way you could manually control stuff via the variables. Ah but your probably wanting the ability to blend between two different images... hmmm. That is something I could look into as well but its possible it'd be better to hack with the fog layers.


Okay yeah as long as it's doable with the fog layers should be A-ok! Thanks!

I can't wait for the update but don't forget to not stress yourself too much :D


Yea I apologize for it taking so long, its difficult to figure out how to address this next patch so to not break anything too. 

Animated Fog Layers will be a must added feature, its possible I'll also add something like a filter layer so u can distort the fog too.

I also know a few bugs people suggested so Ill take a look to fix those.

Some people suggested masking support so I'll take a look to see if that's doable too. 


Hello Anisoft,
The plugin would be perfect if we can add a wave effect on the reflection, and if we could adjust the intensity of the fade. If you can ... with hope and thank you.

It's possible I could add some sort of fade intensity tho it may have to be a global fade intensity (applied to all)

I'll look and see what I can do. 

As for a wave effect, that too is also possible tho it'll have a preformance hit if its applied to each reflection separately (meaning that if u want it to run well it'd need to be applied to all) 


Yes that's the case I have a lot of scenes where my characters are in the water (a challenge I wanted to meet) I want it to be the same for everyone (as well as for the fade). So now that I know your script a little better I can say that it works wonderfully. <3


Okay so Ill take a look into adding a global fade/wave distortion. 

If I add displacement support for the fog, then I'll def add the wave support for reflections.

Thank you!

Hey, I just noticed that character graphics with an "!" in their filename (mostly used for objects) are not affected by the bush effect when placed in water (the pixels at the bottom of the graphic being slightly transparent). Every other character graphic works fine.

Oh that's interesting, I'll look into it! Thanks for letting me know.

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How did you restrict the water reflection image (seamlessCuastics)  to ONLY the part of the map that makes sense on Sunshade Cavee level? Please explain! It's the only part I can't figure out.

Figured it out.. pretty complex, at least for me. For anyone else who needs to know... You need to have have NO map in RPG Maker. Delete all your tiles. Your source of maps must come exclusively from parallax maps. Again, that's what worked for me... There might be a better, or smarter way, but my animated water is finally working :)

Now if only I could figure out why I *CANNOT* seem to get any reflections on any surfaces...


Oh wow, I must have missed this, apologies! 
What exactly do you mean by "why I *CANNOT* seem to get any reflections on any surfaces..."

I think I see what you mean, the way u make caustics only apply to a part of the map is by having it the lowest layer, the groundLayer will then isolate the caustics only to that specific part.

2 questions:

Is it possible to use the reflection layer to set up mirrors or is the reflection always below the sprite?

Lastly. Is it possible to exclude characters from being reflected like Vampires for instance.


The last question is already possible via the reflection parameters.

The first should be possible after I implement the ability to rotate reflections

is the option there? Will be one of the reason to buy it i need a plugin for reflections (water) and mirroring into a mirror.


How do you do a fog that's always centred on a player?
Or in other words, It moves alongside with him, because setting it as screen only makes it repeat forever, but I want it, to be always centred on a player, so it gives the illusion that it's not moving.

Hmmm this is a good question, I dont remember if I added the ability for "follow screen" 

This is something I'mm be considering for the next major update.

By the way, why only go for unlimited fog layers?


Because it was a bit easier in terms of clear usability to have a few preset parallax layers, and then infinite fog layers.

You can of course use fog layers like a normal parallax layer.

hello, thanks for the plugin, you are appreciated. I wanted to ask about image map size. Are there size restrictions? Can a 100x100 map size be made with 3 to 5 layers with out  issues of lag?

The larger your map, the more expensive it gets 

So it depends on your hardware speed


It'd be great if you could add some way of animating the ground and parallax layer, or at least ability to toggle off/on certain layers when entering/leaving a region

Sure, that could for a next update.

I'll look into getting this added soon.

Thank you.

I've been loving the plugin, so just wanted to first say thank you for making/sharing this. Just a random question, is there any plans/is it possible to implement something similar to the Quixios or HimeWorks "Collision Maps" plugins?

Those use custom movement plugins. This plugin is designed around just visuals not actual movement.

Ah okay, thank you.

No matter what I do, I can't seem to make autolayers work.

This needs to be renamed 

Auto layers is really just  auto preset.

You still need to manually tell the layer to show up per map with the plugin command

(1 edit) (+1)

I knew about this plugin from Echo607, and it's quite well made! However, my only issue with it is that the Reflection layer never turns off unless I use the plugin's parameter. And even if I turned it off from there, it never turns back on in plugin commands, vice-versa. 

Unless I am missing something, I apologize for that.

Character Reflections : true/ false actually disables reflections period. As in the renderer and code related will never be used.

Default Visibility: true/false will set the default visibility for reflections to be true or false, this will then allow you to manually turn them off/on on an individual basis or with region commands.

Are you asking for a way to toggle the entire layer on and off? If so I can look into something for that.

If it's won't be so much trouble, yes. 

When I turned the Character Reflection off in the plugin parameter, it never gets overwritten in the toggle layer via plugin command.

Sure thing, I'll see what I can do!


New update just released, this adds the ability to effect ALL reflections with plugin commands. Just be sure to have reflections set to be on, and then you can change parameters such as visibility and opacity after the fact.


(2 edits) (+1)

hey,  is it possible to apply a parrallax graphic like cloud shadow only on one layer, for example the cloud shadow only hits the tower, becasue it is so tall, but it wont show it on below (ground, backround parallax) and even above, so only for taht specific layer, anyway great work :)

So currently there is no way to use "masking" that is a feature I like the idea of and will look into doing for the next update.

As a workaround you can set the cloud shadow to be bound to the map and set it to be the size of the tower.


Hey I really love your plugin and it has helped a lot but I ran into an issue with it. As soon as I activate your plugin I am no longer able to use the ballon animations because they don't show up and make my game freeze. It only happens after turning this plugin on. Could anyone help me out with this?

Of course! Give me some time to check it out and figure out the problem!

So I tried testing out using a balloon animation and didn't experience any freeze. You may wanna test to see what other plugins could be causing it.

I have the same problem. I disabled all other plugins and the problem persists. All I have enabled are MZPlus and MZPlusPrimeParallax. With both enabled it wont show balloon-icons. With only MZPlus enabled, the balloon icons are back. (game doesn't freeze, just for the second where the balloon animation should actually be shown). By the way, it is really an awesome plugin, which does exactly what I wanted :)

It's really weird because I couldn't get that behavior. Balloons seemed to play correctly.

May I have some steps on how I may replicate it?


I just made a new project with only the mz-plugins. All is ok. So I started a new game on the firtst project and now it works with even a lot of other plugins. But it won´t show balloons on a save game. i test a bit more later because its 1 am and i have to get up in 4 hours. will be back on testing after work

That may be the issue then! I assume something in Prime Parallax doesn't work right for saves. I'll try that out asap when I wake up!


Hello ! I've just purchassed your plugin, but I don't understand very well how it works (despite of Echo's tutorial...). Is it possible to have a demo project ?

Sure I've had a few people ask me for a demo. I'll provide one in a day or so!

Great, thank you !!

I've added an example project!


Wow it's really impressive ! Lot of thanks !!


Bought this after finding Echo's tutorial. Got it working with a light layer. Really excited to explore this parallax heaven! Thank you for making this, as well as the instructional PDF. 

Thank you for enjoying it!

Silly question but; how do I actually enable the image files in the folders to appear in the game?

(1 edit)

I'm sorry but I'm a bit confused. What exactly do you mean? The images either need to be located in the layers folder you set (default being parallaxMaps)  you can also set them to be in separate folders which are named after the layer name you set in the settings.

(Set the folder name here)

For each Default Auto Layer you can set the layerName too

The folder name you set must be located in your imgs folder as its own folder with the same name.

If you set sub folders name them the same as the layer name in the auto layers.

Id also like to note that there was a bug in relation to loading custom/manual images when using the change layers plugin command. 

This would prevent images from being loaded when inputting image paths in the text of the plugin command.


(1 edit)

Thank you for the response. This is very informative. What I ultimately meant, I think, was how to get the script to identify which images go to which map. Not sure if I just missed where that was explained. I used to use a common parallax mapping plugin on MV that had you name them with a number corresponding with the map # (Ground_1.png in the parallax folder), and then in the map details you would put a tag like "<ground>, <par>, etc." to have the map look for the image. 

For this script would I just follow the naming convention in your last screenshot, and it automatically checks those new folders for a map when the game loads?

Thank you again

If you have sub folders turned on, then it'll load the images from those folders. Otherwise it'll just load them from the main parallaxMaps folder. 

If your wondering how to specificy what map to use, the number at the end is the map id. 

So groundMap_11 = groundMap on map 11

Was this information not in the docs? If so I'll have to update that.

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